Objectives & Scope


The convergence of recent scientific and technological activities provides unique opportunities and an infrastructure for both theoretical and applied sciences. However, specific environments for constructing knowledge are needed. In such environments, knowledge media should bring together the technology and learning theories to form meaningful settings for learners with different academic, administrative and support needs. ISTEC aims to provide an environment for researchers to discuss the current state of the science and technology in industry, university and companies

ISTEC conference is supported by many universities and organizations. ISTEC conference series have already formed a large, multi-national and friendly community of colleagues who love to share ideas. ISTEC invites you to submit proposals for papers and poster presentations.


The scope of the conference will cover but not be limited to:
Applied Sciences-Agriculture
Applied Sciences-Astronomy
Applied Sciences-Biochemistry
Applied Sciences-Biology
Applied Sciences-Biotechnology
Applied Sciences-Chemistry
Applied Sciences-Civil
Applied Sciences-Computers
Applied Sciences-Earth Science
Applied Sciences-Ecology
Applied Sciences-Electronics
Applied Sciences-Energy
Applied Sciences-Engineering
Applied Sciences-Environment
Applied Sciences-Geography
Applied Sciences-Geology and Geophysics
Applied Sciences-Information Technology
Applied Sciences-Life Sciences
Applied Sciences-Mathematics
Applied Sciences-Mechanical
Applied Sciences-Medicine
Applied Sciences-Meteorology
Applied Sciences-Nanotechnology
Applied Sciences-Nursery
Applied Sciences-Physics
Applied Sciences-Policy
Applied Sciences-Space
Applied Sciences-Statistics
Applied Sciences-Technology
Applied Sciences-Wireless
Arts in Science
Authoring Technology
Communication Design
Communication Ethics
Crisis Communication
Data Mining Strategies For E-Learning Organizations
Development of Science Competencies
Developmental Psychology
Digital Game Desing
Digital Marketing/Online Marketing
Digital Media&Movie
Digital&Social Media Marketing
Economic Problems
Human-Computer Interaction
Hypermedia Applications
Intelligent Training Technology
Internet Technologies
Management Approaches
Mass Communication in Art
Media Culture
Multimedia Applications
Neo Marketing
Online Advertising
Online Boadcasting
Online PR
Opera, Theatre, & Dance
Other Fields
Perception Management
Professional Development
Public Relations And Advertising
Public Relations And Publicity
Radio & Tv
Research Assessment Exercise (RAE)
Shoe Design
Social Responsibility
Social Sciences-Arts
Social Sciences-Business
Social Sciences-Economics
Social Sciences-Government
Social Sciences-Health
Social Sciences-History
Social Sciences-Linguistics
Social Sciences-News
Social Sciences-Philosophy
Social Sciences-Psychology
Social Sciences-Recreation
Social Sciences-Reference
Social Sciences-Regional
Social Sciences-Research
Social Sciences-Social Science
Social Sciences-Sociology
Social Sciences-Teology
Society Involvement
Stage Decorations and Costume
Technological Equipment
Tendencies in the Field of Education Communication and its Technology
Traditional Turkish Arts
Virtual Classroom, Virtual University
Visual Arts
Visual Communication
Visual Design
Women and Media
Women and Technology